Shifts_newcoverMichael Duchesne risked his life fighting a dirty little war against rebel insurgents in the late seventies. Now, he must return to the jungles of Central America to free his kidnapped daughter and search for el Registro de Dios, a telling record of man’s evolution, hidden from the world for two thousand years.

Author Bio PoseWayne Hammer

Author - Science Fiction Thrillers, Shifts and Senders

“There’s no substitute for a good story, one that stretches the imagination, challenges the intellect, energizes the spirit, and stirs the emotions.”


COMING SOONDead by Daybreak is the action thriller Dead by Daybreak.

A government “Reaper” agent assigned to hunt and kill convicted murderers, learns that his next quarry may be innocent, and becomes a target himself.

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Senders - Sequel to Shifts


It’s been a year since Mitch Duchesne helped recover el Registro de Dios, a telling record of man’s evolution. The Registro’s message and Mitch’s rare gift places him at the center of an international conspiracy. Behind the economic manipulation is Lucas Shore, a wealthy industrialist on a mission to engineer—and rule over—a world that takes the ideals of social justice to frightening extremes.

Only telepathic phenom, Mitch, and others of his like have the “brain power” to derail the conspiracy and win the battle for Sender supremacy. In a selfless gesture, Mitch forfeits his relationship with family and friends, as he fights to unravel Shore’s unholy alliance with mutant gene carriers and fulfill the Registro’s Seventh Prophecy.

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