Dead by DaybreakThe year is 2059. From the depths of despair rise the “Reapers”, charged by the courts to offer a remedy on behalf of victims of violent crimes, and hired to take their ‘pound of flesh’ so that mankind can be spared from the hell inflicted by the worst of the worst. Reaper agents like Daniel Foxe are given a brief Pursuit Window to accomplish their task. The hunts start when darkness falls. If the target makes it ‘til dawn, he gets to spend the rest of his life in prison. Daniel’s kill rate is 100%. . . .so far.

His latest target—Luis Alves—is different, because he may be innocent. Defense attorney Anne Paterson has the proof, and must convince Daniel to stand down. Now Daniel must decide whether to kill Luis, or save him. In his efforts to search out the truth, Daniel exposes corruption in his own department; the pursuit takes a different turn. He’s out to stop a conspiracy that leads to the nation’s capital. Now he’s the hunted.






JerseyKnightsCoverWhen sixteen-year-old Zack Rubin is asked to join the hottest rock band in North Jersey, life gets complicated. At a time when race riots, the Vietnam War, and the music of the sixties dominate the scene, the makeshift clubhouse he and his gang built in the old neighborhood seems like a distant memory. From dingy basement practice sessions to gigs at the trendiest nightclubs in Manhattan, Zack negotiates a minefield of missteps and then puts his life on the line to help an old friend out of a desperate situation.