In the year 2059, the tide of civil unrest that sweeps the nation finally subsides, leaving in its wake renewed optimism. It isn’t a foreign enemy or a natural disaster that fortifies the country’s resolve: It’s a cry for justice—a means to deal with violent criminals empowered by a weakened judicial system.

Out of the depths of depravity rises the Surrogates, charged by the courts to offer a remedy on behalf of the victims; hired to take their ‘pound of flesh’ and spare mankind from the hell inflicted by the worst of the worst.

Simeon Foxe takes his job seriously, convinced that his well-honed skills could make a difference. But is he on higher moral ground than those he hunts, or are the court-mandated executions just a recipe for more injustice?

Follow the trail of intrigue as Foxe punishes the unforgiven and exposes a plot conceived by the powerful to infect the legal system with a vile perversion.





JerseyKnightsCoverWhen sixteen year old Zack Rubin is asked to join the hottest rock band in North Jersey, life gets complicated. At a time when race riots, the Vietnam War, and the music of the sixties dominate the scene, the makeshift clubhouse he and his gang built in the old neighborhood seems like a distant memory. From dingy basement practice sessions to gigs at the trendiest nightclubs in Manhattan, Zack negotiates a minefield of missteps and then puts his life on the line to help an old friend out of a desperate situation.